Hi. My name is Paul MInkkinen and I am the Editor of The Coloured Rain Magazine. Coloured Rain is both a Magazine and a Website. Eddie Gibbs is the Webmaster and Co-Editor of the Coloured Rain E-Zine website. Eddie and I jointly own and fund the website.

On this page we would like to give you a short history of Colour Rain and The Coloured Rain Magazine and how to obtain it. This is followed by some information about The Website which Eddie will describe. Additionally, some words on Copyright which is very important to us and finally some closing comments.

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Coloured Rain is an unofficial magazine or “fanzine” which has been in existence since 1988. Artists covered include : Steve Winwood, Traffic, Jim Capaldi, Dave Mason, Chris Wood, Spencer Davis Group, Blind Faith and other connected folk .
The reason for its existence, like other “fanzines” was originally to compensate for the lack of regular information supplied by record companies and the music press. Record Companies tending to only be interested in promoting their latest “product” and are loath to respond to fan’s question’s on an individual basis.  If you are very lucky you may receive a photo and press release relating to the artist or often as not the press release will include a potted history of the artist which is often inaccurate and incomplete. The music press is either into chart based singles bands, or building up the reputations of up and coming bands, talent show competitors and championing their cause, then shooting them down in flames when they become successful or don’t cut it on that “difficult 2nd album”.

Fanzines are written by fans of artists for people with like minded tastes. The internet has stolen the thunder of fanzines a little over recent years but on the basis that people still buy Music magazines (although even this seems to be diminishing) the mid-term future is I believe relatively sound, and indeed there is a healthy exchange of views and info between the various Winwood / Capaldi /Traffic related web-sites. Fanzines in general vary considerably in presentation. Indeed Coloured Rain started off very much in the vein of gluing pieces of typed up paper on to A4 sheets and nicking cuttings from old music magazines. The arrival of home computers with Word Processing/Desk Top Publishing software, scanners and photo editing software has helped to take things forward. Many fanzine type magazines are now very professional looking in appearance with their glossy pages and Colour covers. Fanzine type magazines with large readerships are able to do this as with large print runs costs per copy are significantly reduced. Like most "fanzines" Coloured Rain is non -profit making.

Coloured Rain was started in Feb 1988 by a guy in Norway by the name of Hans Olav Horrigmoe, and as mentioned early issues were heavily reliant on copying articles from old music mags, albeit from the second issue onwards there was a positive move towards readers writing their own material (this included my first written efforts). By the time issue 4 was released in Jan 1990 the fanzine had a new editor in Jan Inge Sommerseth again from Norway. At around this time Jan asked me to join him as Co-Editor, despite my Scandinavian surname I am not from Norway, I am English. Hans by the way went off touring with the Norwegian psychedelic rock band Tangle Edge playing in the UK, Italy and the frozen wastelands of Russia!

Over the years the quality of the fanzine has improved dramatically with a significant number of readers now writing on a regular basis.These are just some of the topics which have been covered: Traffic dateline written by Jan, this is an incredibly extensive listing on the life of Traffic, tour dates, recording sessions, music mag feature dates, record releases etc. Traffic 94: detailed coverage of Traffic reunion including newspaper cuttings from the UK and USA, together with reader’s personal reviews and photographs. Also a Traffic members through the year’s summary. An issue devoted to the history of Blind Faith, Spencer Davis Group special, a whole issue devoted to the 60’s band, discography dateline, and a whole lot more. (Issue 22) Steve Winwood 1997 tour / album reviews, much original material and photographs. Latin Crossings: Extensive coverage of Steve Winwood’s gigs with Tito Puente & Arturo Sandoval. (Issue 26) Stomu Yamashta’s Go: Heavily featured Steve and Traffic bass player Rosko Gee. Jim Capaldi: details of his first 3 solo albums for Island reissued on CD. Traffic 74, readers recollections of UK gigs, press comment, set lists & more. (Issue 26) The late great Chris Wood, history and details of the album he was recording before his untimely departure from this world. Internet and face to face discussions with Jim Capaldi. Coverage of The Jim Capaldi Tribute concert and a special Jim Capaldi edition entitled “Jimology”. Steve's gig at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2001 with Jose Neto, and an issue focusing heavily on the work of Jim Capaldi. Concerts with Eric Clapton. And so much more.

From issue 27 I assumed sole editorship of The Coloured Rain Magazine. The Magazine will continue for the foreseeable future.



UK only: 
£4.50 per issue or £12 for 3 issues. 

Rest Of Europe: 6 Euros (CASH or PAYPAL ONLY- no cheques) or 15 Euros for 3 issue sub.

USA only:  US$ 10 for 3 issues.

Other Countries: Please contact me for details first by using the CONTACT US pro-forma. 

Please note that The Coloured Rain Magazine is non profit making. The costs shown are to cover production costs, type-setting, printing, postage and packaging.

In all instances please use the CONTACT US pro-forma to E-Mail us for Enquiries, Ordering and How to pay details.


Back  issues Virtually all back issues are sold out. Please use the CONTACT US pro-forma to e-mail us for more details.

Articles  for  inclusion in the Magazine or Website and related correspondence - by please submitting to myself and Eddie by using the CONTACT US pro-forma which is essentially just an E-Mail facility. 

Next Issue of The Coloured Rain Magazine. Will be Issue 43 (cover shown above) and should be issued sometime during May 2013 and will contain features on :

Steve on the road just about here, there, and everywhere. Steve on tour with Eric in Japan and Steely Dan in Australia & New Zealand.

Album reviews:
Paul Booth - Trilateral
Jose Neto - Newspaper Girl
Steve Winwood - Arc Of A Diver 

Jim Capaldi feature:
Dear Mr Fantasy, the book and it’s launch. We also include a rather natty colour supplement courtesy of Genesis publications.
Deep Feeling - Retro look at dates played in the 60‘s.

Jim Capaldi album remasters.
Paul Minkkinen gives an insight into the current re-issue programme for Jim’s solo albums, and looks ahead to releasing more unreleased material.
Sweet Smell Of Success- No Steve Milner hasn’t won the lottery, but he does review the album, complete with 7 bonus tracks.

History of Coloured Rain - 25 years of this fanzine/magazine and website.
Featuring Steve Winwood. Paul Minkkinen focuses on Steve’s live guest appearances with other artists.

The Secret Spencer Symposium

My musical summer. Steve performs with Georgie Fame in 1978.

Len Tibbets- the old stager and his regular ranting and raving.

Thank you


Hi. My name is Eddie Gibbs and I am the Webmaster and Co-Editor of The Coloured Rain E-Zine website. Some background on how the website evolved. The phenomenal growth of the Internet over the past 20 or more years has made it the predominant source of news and information sharing. Most of which is instantly available to view as soon as it is published online, around the world.

That being so, It was inevitable that Coloured Rain would come to the internet at some point and I was able to make that happen back in 2003. I’ve been a long time contributor to the magazine and I wrote my first article for CR back in 1998 and have been a regular contributor ever since. I’ve been a TRAFFIC fan since 1967. A working background in IT I also had, although not to do with the internet. A ”time-out” period gave me the opportunity to take a course in HTML and ignited the flame of possibility of building a web site, which I duly did. This being the website which is now defunct. After a couple of years of the site being online I suggested to Paul that I could allow some space to be used for some pages to give Coloured Rain an online presence and so in 2003 The Coloured Rain E-Zine was launched. Over the course of time, the content on the pages grew substantially.

However, time and technology move on and a while back I decided that it was time to upgrade my ageing hardware and software. It had become a little restrictive and it was time also to replace legacy versions of software that I had become pretty tired of. Having done that, it was ultimately my intention to revamp and rewrite the Coloured Rain pages. And that brings us to now (March 2013) where we have moved to a new home at and are using these new tools on this, The Coloured Rain E-Zine Version 2 if I may call it that. Out with the old and in with the new.

Having made those changes it gives us the opportunity to “Remaster” and add “Bonus Material” to our “Album” and to have a new look and feel to the site and we hope that you will like that. We have lots of ideas about what we are going to include here including some “old Songs” and some “new Songs”. However it is not, nor has it ever has been our intention to make this a kind of Social Networking site with Message Boards etc., That is dealt with very well elsewhere. Instead it will be a place where fans can visit to read interesting fan based written material and we very much hope that you might wish to contribute to this too.

If you have any news or wish to contribute to this website or the magazine then please E-Mail myself and Paul using the CONTACT US pro-forma to do so. So come and join in with us on our journey. It could be fun!

Thank you

We would also like to say
This website replaced the previous Coloured Rain E-Zine which was housed on the old senzatempo website (now defunct) which was created and built up over a 9 year period. We will be adding to this revised site as time goes on. We will be featuring here not only news, articles, reviews and images that you may may have previously seen, but also the very latest on those and other material from our archives too. We would also like to invite you to drop us a few lines anytime or to contribute with any news or information that may be worth knowing to our viewers. Just click on the
Contact Us tab on the navigation bar to open our pro forma and write to us or if you prefer, E-Mail us at Not everyone belongs to Social Networking services like Facebook or Twitter and publishing on this website is a good way of sharing news and information to a wider interested public . We can't always promise that we will use all that we receive unless verified and subject to Editorial decision, but if we do we will certainly give credit for the source of the information. We will look forward to seeing you soon!

Paul Minkkinen- Editor of The Coloured Rain Magazine

Eddie Gibbs - Webmaster and Co-Editor of The Coloured Rain E-Zine Web Site.

Except for materials in the public domain, all of the content on The Coloured Rain E-Zine Web Site section is the property of The Coloured Rain E-Zine and The Coloured Rain Magazine and the author.

Please remember that Copyright exists to protect the creativity of its author and creator.

The whole or any portion of this site may not be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold, or used for any purpose that is not expressly permitted by The Coloured Rain E-Zine and The Coloured Rain Magazine.

All rights reserved.


An important part of the content in both The Magazine and the Web Site is that which we and our contributors actually write. The content of which is only as good as the information that we source or what is provided to us by fellow fans or partners who may obtain news, information, write articles and reviews that are worth sharing with a wider public. So, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their contributions prior to now and in the future. In particular we would like to thank long time contributors and associates Andrew Easdale and Steve Milner for their regular contributions. And there are many others too numerous to name here, but thank you all.

Best wishes to you all from us.