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11th July 2017 - Steve Winwood Live at Kaufleuten, Zurich.
Review by Heidi Widmer.

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It was an unusual view from the front row with no PA devices blocking our view. The band assembled in a semi-circle at the rear of the stage, with congas in the centre, hammond organ to the left and drum kit on the opposite side. Several rugs adorned the floor where the musicians and instruments stood. “We got some music for you that covers a few different vintages, possibly even a bit longer than some of the audience,” said a smiling Steve Winwood between the two Blind Faith classics “Can't Find My Way Home” and “Had To Cry Today”.
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He last played in Switzerland at the intimate Kaufleuten seven years ago, and previously four years before that at the Volkshaus and his career-spanning set with emphasis on the earlier years has not changed much since. It seems that Steve doesn't want to take any risks with some lesser known songs which I personally regret with regards to his huge repertoire. Anyway, I never tire of listening to the chosen ones and the entire audience was enthused by last night's brilliant performance, too.
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The sound left nothing to be desired and the superb interplay between the five musicians often brought a jazzy feel to the songs. “Light Up Or Leave Me Alone” was the masterpiece during which they showed off their skills one by one. The multi-talented Paul Booth not only played saxophone, flute and keys but also took Steve's place at the hammond organ while the latter was demonstrating his prowess on guitar which was just as mesmerizing as on the organ. The journey through the different vintages ended with “Dear Mr. Fantasy” and “Gimme Some Lovin’ “.

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Steve Winwood and his band then took their bows and gave us the thumbs up. We thanked them by bursting into thunderous applause!
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Steve Winwood (in disguise)

Steve Winwood - vocals/hammond/guitar, Paul Booth - sax/flute/keys/hammond, José Neto - guitar,
Richard Bailey - drums, Edwin Sanz - percussion.

Words and images by Heidi Widmer.