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Mason, Capaldi, Wood & Frog.   (Looking back )

When Steve Winwood decided to split up Traffic and join forces with Eric Clapton to form Blind Faith, Jim Capaldi and Chris Wood contacted former Traffic band mate Dave Mason and asked him to return from America and join them in their new venture. Later, adding Mick Weaver - aka ‘Wynder K. Frog’ this new band became  know as Mason, Capaldi, Wood & Frog. The band formed in December 1968 and split in March 1969 lasting less than six months. Comprising, Dave Mason - Guitar, Vocals. Jim Capaldi - Drums, Vocals. Chris Wood - Saxophone, Flute and Mick Weaver - Keyboards, Vocals. The band performed songs composed by Dave Mason which he had written during his time in Traffic and were recorded for the album ‘Traffic’ which was released in 1968, together with songs that Dave Mason had composed for what would eventually form part of his 1970 solo album, ‘Alone Together’. Joining them as their Roadie, was long time friend and former “Deep Feeling” guitarist Gordon Jackson. A contract was drawn up between the band and the Marquee-Martin Agency on 13. December 1968, for them to play at the Marquee Club London on 30. January 1969. This seems to be their first gig. Then on 10. February 1969, the band recorded a BBC session at the Aeolian Hall Studio 2. This session comprised a version of ’Feelin’ Alright’ and was aired on ‘Symonds On Sunday‘ 16. February 1969. The track can be found on the CD ‘Various Artists: BBC Classic Tracks’ and has an original release date of 23. May 1994. The next gig was on 18. February 1969 at the Royal Albert Hall, London, supporting Jimi Hendrix and Soft Machine. The Jimi Hendrix part of the show was recorded and later released as ‘The Last Experience’ - Victor VICP-5490. Japan Import. Released 1994. This has Dave Mason and Chris Wood jamming onstage with Hendrix on the song ‘Room full of mirrors’.


Back to the BBC for another session, this time recorded at the Playhouse Theatre on 25. February 1969. This comprised, ‘Waiting On You’, ‘Crying To Be Heard’, ‘World In Changes’, and ‘Leaving Blues’. This latter song is the only know recording, the others were Mason/Traffic songs. Aired on BBC Radio One on 2. March 1969, as part of ‘Top Gear - John Peel Sessions’. These tracks can be found on the CD‘UK Sessions’. Whereas, ‘World In Changes’ was aired by the American Radio Station WMBR on its ‘Lost And Found’ show, on 7. November 2005. There is also a ‘BBC Transcription Disc. - Various Artists’, which has a recording/s from these sessions. On 6. March 1969, Mason, Capaldi, Wood & Frog played at Van Dykes, Plymouth. The following day, 7. March 1969, saw them and Fairport Convention play at the Brunel University, Uxbridge. Before, what seems to be the bands last gig at Barking College with Juniors Eyes and Panama Jug Band on 9. March 1969. With the break-up, Mason returned to America, Chris Wood toured with Dr: John, Jim went off to do session work and Mick Weaver went back to his solo career. By the next year, Chris and Steve were back on stage with Ginger Baker’s Airforce and a reformed Traffic was just around the corner.
Stewart Guy.
September 2006.

- December 21st 2011. Editors Note (EG). We were contacted by Rich, a member of a band who supported MCWF on their sixth gig, which is not mentioned in the original article above. Here is what our contact (Rich Hodgson) had to say:  “Hi.  I was the guitarist with The Mandrakes - Robert Palmer's first band, and we're updating our website from just being a photo archive ( ),to a 'complete' history. We've just about assembled our entire gig list from '65 to '71, and while doing some research, I discovered The Mason, Capaldi, Wood & Frog article on your website. We know we supported Mason, Capaldi, Wood & Frog at Sheffield University. A couple of other websites state they only did 6 gigs; you've listed only 5, not including this one. From our records, we are 99.999% certain this was Feb 8th 1969, and thought you might like to include it on that page. Capaldi & Wood came and 'skinned up' in our van after the gig, and said how much they liked us:  That was great for us, as we had about 6 Traffic songs on our set list !

and Rich E-Mailed us again to say Hi again - would you believe that only a couple of hours after my last email a cd of Mandrakes press cuttings etc., arrived through the post. These were kept by our manager's grandmother, and include the attached, from the local rag dated 13th Feb '69 ! Cheers,Rich.   (N.B: Robert Palmer was known as Allen before his subsequent fame !)