Welcome to the Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton section.


This section deals with the reunion of Steve and Eric on a gigging and touring basis. On the 19th May 2007 Eric joined Steve and his band at The Countryside Rocks gig in Berkshire, England and together they played on "Presence Of The Lord", "Can't Find My Way Home", "Crossroads", "Had To Cry Today", "Little Queen Of Spades", and "Gimme Some Lovin'".

Having enjoyed playing together again after so many years, Eric invited Steve to play with him at his Crossroads Festival in Chicago later that same year. From there they decided to do some gigs together which also progressed to a number of tours in the years that followed.

There is so much that we could say about Steve and Eric being back together, at least for a while, but music speaks louder than words, so why not enjoy the music and performances from the following youtube videos of two of the greatest musicians that the UK has ever produced. 'nuff said!